Demo show case

e!DAL in action: In order to show the manifold features of e!DAL, you may like to try this demo . We show how start-up a primary data repository from the scratch.
  • DEMO-Mode:
    As use case the demo import a snapshot of NGS data. After this you have the chance to use and test the different functions of the API like the panel of the FileChooser GUI.
  • INSTALL-Mode:
    This mode allows you to create a start script (depending on your operating system as *.bat or *.sh script) to run a remote e!DAL server with your give parameter.


e!DAL Installer
  • a) double click on the executable "edal_installer.jar"
  • b) run over command line to see log output : "java -jar eDAL-Project-2.5.2-webstart.jar"

Note: The e!DAL repository is created from scratch. All files will have permissions of the current authenticated OS user.