FileChooser GUI

As help to embed e!DAL into JAVA GUI applications we provide a Swing FileChooser like user interface. The e!DAL-FileChooser implements
  • an open and save dialog to store and read files within the e!DAL-MetaData-API,
  • a version control panel,
  • a permission control panel, and
  • a keyword search dialog

Stand-alone test of the EDALFileChooser dialog

To test the the EDALFileChooser dialog, we provide an executable jar that connects a client over the server-client architecture with an e!DAL server and start the GUI to browse through the infrastructure.
  • please download the executable "jar-with-dependencies" from eDAL-Client
  • start an eDAL server
  • start the GUI from command line java -jar eDAL-MetaDataAPI-Client-2.5.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar -g
  • usage: -s "edal_host" : set the host for the eDAL Server (default = "localhost")
  • usage: -p "edal_port" : set the port for the eDAL Server (default = 1099)
  • now you can store and read files over the GUI or simply browse through the infrastructure

  1. file tree to browse through all stored directories

  2. detailed view of all stored files and subdirectories in the marked folder

  3. text fields for the meta data of the chosen version; to edit double-click on an element

  4. table list all stored versions of a digital object; to switch the current version mark another one

  5. text field to show the complete path of the current object

  6. search field; enter a key word to search