WebDAV Interface (beta)

Not all scientists are able to use e!DAL as a JAVA API. Therefor we implement a WebDAV interface with the help of the Milton-API
The development is still in beta stadium, but for the first test we provide an executable jar with an embedded servlet container.

  • please download the executable "jar-with-dependencies" from eDAL-Client
  • start an eDAL server
  • start a webdav client from command line java -jar eDAL-MetaDataAPI-Client-2.5.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar -w
  • usage: -s "edal_host" : set the host for the eDAL Server (default = "localhost")
  • usage: -p "edal_port" : set the port for the eDAL Server (default = 1099)
  • usage: -d "webdav_port" : set the port for the webdav server (default = 8080)
  • access WebDAV at "http://localhost:8080" with a compatible file browser, e.g. Windows Explorer, KDE Dolphin

    • MS Windows : Connecting to WebDAV
    • LINUX : e.g. "Dolphin" browser using KDE KIO slave "webdav://": Type "webdav://localhost:8080" in your dolphins address navigation line

  • to show versions and meta data artificial folders and files are displayed
  • in <objectname>.properties.xml files are the meta data stored
  • every file comprise meta data and versions
  • a file is shown as a folder with all versions and <objectname>.properties.xml files to edit the meta data