Use search functions

This example show how to search for a specified Dublin Core element. All function return a List of PrimaryDataEntity objects.

/* search for a specified object name */

	List<PrimaryDataEntity> results = rootDirectory.searchByDublinCoreElement(EnumDublinCoreElements.TITLE, new UntypedData("*my_title*"), true, true);

/* search over a complete MetaData set */

	List<PrimaryDataEntity> results = rootDirectory.searchByMetaData(myMetaData, true, true);
/* search for a specified publication status */	

	List<PrimaryDataEntity> results = rootDirectory.searchByPublicationStatus(PublicationStatus.ACCEPTED);

/* search for a specified keyword */	

	List<PrimaryDataEntity> results = rootDirectory.searchByKeyword("my_keyword", true, true);
Both search functions provide the two boolean parameter fuzzy and recursiveIntoSubdirectories.

If fuzzy is set true, you can use the Lucene query parser syntax to specify your keyword, e.g. "*.xml" or "*file name*" or "?name".

Using recursiveIntoSubdirectories, you can activate that the function also search in the sub directories of the current directory.