Help - IPK Data Submission

e!DAL-API support a public citation of stored data. This is realized by hosting data sets in a tailored storage backend and the assignment of a long-term stable Digital Object Identifier (DOI) .
A DOI is assigned as service by the DataCite consortium and is accepted by

  1. scientific journals as supplemental data or
  2. to publish a Data Paper.
    Among other, high impact data journals are
    1. GigaScience,
    2. PLOS One and
    3. Nature Scientific Data.

This service is free for all IPK staff. Others are welcome to use this service after they filled the registration and confirmed the Deposition and License Agreement.

Data Publication Workflow

Bellow are commented screenshots that show the principle workflow of the data publication process.

1. Start the e!DAL data publication tool.
As prerequisite, Java version 7 must be installed.

2. Please confirm the security message.

3. Please enter IPK username and password
(Same as used for e-Mail).

4. Please choose first the local path to the data you want to upload for assigning a DOI.
Please enter all mandatory attributes that are necessary to describe you data.

5. Press the submit button to start the upload process.

6. You will get a confirmation email that your request is under review.

7. If your review was successful, assign your DOI by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

8. You will recieve a final eMail with your assigned DOI.

If you like our service please cite our work in your research publication:

Daniel Arend, Matthias Lange, Jinbo Chen, Christian Colmsee, Steffen Flemming, Denny Hecht, Uwe Scholz
e!DAL - a framework to store, share and publish research data.
BMC Bioinformatics 15(214), 2014.