e!DAL featured data archives

Below list compiles data archives that use to our knowledge e!DAL technology. To submit data into one of the listed repositories, click the submit button 1 .

Repository2 Hosting Institute Data Submission Report/Statistics Help ELIXIR AAI Submission
PGP - Repository
Plant Genomics and Phenomics Research Data Repository
Submit data to PGP repository Overview and Metrices Help for IPK repository submission Submit data to PGP repository

Please, let us know about your planed e!DAL repository and we will provide instructions how to set up DataCite contract and will provide a customized data publishing tool (embedd into your authentication infrastructure, configure your reviewer policy).

1 To publish data in the particular repository, you need to be approved staff. Please use the login credentials provided by your institute!
2 Above links redirect to list of DataCite registered DOIs that are hosted by e!DAL for the particular institution or project.