Get the Client

One way to use the e!DAL Client is to resolve automatically the e!DAL dependencies or download the fat jar, which include the e!DAL-MetaData-API client and all dependent 3rd party libraries.

  • add the bellow Apache Maven dependency to your project

    <!-- define the e!DAL dependencies -->
    	<!-- the e!DAL RMI client --> 
  • download latest version (jar-with-dependencies) from Maven central repository

Start Server Client

After starting the e!DAL server a client can establish a connect to the server using the DataManagerClient as proxy.
As parameter, an Authentication object must be provided, which hold all necessary authentication token, i.e. login and password.

The DataManagerClient class provides a static method getRootDirectory() to get the root directory of the e!DAL system.

public static void main(String [] args) throws Exception {

	* construct an Authentication object, which holds all required authentication 
	* information i.e. login and password
	Authentication auth = new Authentication(EdalHelpers.authenticateWinOrUnixUser());
	* connect client with e!DAL server
	* specify server port, server name and the authentication object
	DataManagerClient myClient = new DataManagerClient(1099, "remotehost", auth );

	/* get root directory */
	ClientPrimaryDataDirectory rootDirectory = myClient.getRootDirectory();
Over RMI you can use the same functions than provided in the stand-alone version.