e!DAL-MetaData-API - store, cite and share primary data

e!DAL is a lightweight software framework for publishing and sharing research data. Its main features are version tracking, metadata management, information retrieval, journal and founding agency proven registration of persistent identifiers (DOI), an embedded HTTP(S) server for public data access, access as a network file system, and a scalable storage backend.

In any research that make use of the e!DAL components please honour the author's work and cite:
Arend et al. e!DAL - a framework to store, share and publish research data

Public Data Repositories

e!DAL driven repositories publish already a high number of scientific citable and Data Cite registered research data. Registered users may submit data sets to the related repository.

Personal Research Data Repository

Packaged as e!DAL server, all required API components are compiled as executable JAR archive. This can be executed at any platform to operate an own data publication infrastructure. Please follow the instructions to set-up and execute an e!DAL server. Java projects may access a e!DAL Server using remote client-API.

Data Publication Tool

The end-user data submission tool enables to submit dataset for publication to an e!DAL repository and its registration as DataCite approved DOI. The embedded review process ensures beforehand data quality checks. The application can be individually configured as client to existing e!DAL repositories. Thus, please get in contact to us for a personalised binary that match your individual IT infrastructure.

Java Data Publication API

Embed e!DAL into your JAVA project. Please find instructions at Getting Started page. Some usage scenarios are described in the examples given below. For more specific information please take a look at the JavaDoc.

Instant Demo

e!DAL in action: In order to show the manifold features of e!DAL, we implement a demo/install wizard, which shows how to start-up a primary data repository from the scratch.

  • DEMO-Mode:
    As use case the demo import a snapshot of NGS data . You have the chance to use and test the different functions of the API like the panel of the FileChooser GUI , the e!DAL WebDAV listener, which demonstrates the access using standard file browser, ie. 'Windows Explorer' or 'KDE dolphin' for Linux platforms and a lot of more features.
  • INSTALL-Mode:
    This mode allows you to create a start script (depending on your operating system as *.bat or *.sh script) to run a remote e!DAL server with your give parameter.

Try Webstart Demo